How Much Does It Cost to Transport Cars of Different Sizes

There are many things to consider when transporting a car across the country. You need to know how much it will cost, what rules and regulations you need to follow, and whether your vehicle is insured during transport. There are also different types of companies out there that offer auto transport services. Sometimes it can be hard to find a reliable company for auto transport because they all have different rates. Picking an auto transport can be the most daunting step in the whole process. Of course, you want to get good quality service but at an affordable rate.

Understanding The Process

Before getting not the costs of moving a car, you need first to grasp the basic process for shipping a vehicle. It’s not the same as moving household items because a car is precious cargo that’s very complicated to transport.

The one thing to know about auto transport is that you rarely ever directly communicate with a carrier. More often than not, you’re dealing with a broker who acts as a middleman between you and the carriers. An auto transport broker will help you sift through all the carriers. It’ll pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Since you’re not directly dealing with carriers, there’s a lot more going on when you get a quote from a broker. When you book with a broker, it’ll give you a quote and ask carriers to bid on your shipment. And that means that your quote is not the final price you’re paying for. It’s actually a starting point for the carriers that are bidding.

That does mean that sometimes quotes can change. Experienced brokers know the market, so they can offer you a quote that is pretty close to what you’ll end up paying.  Some of the most experienced brokers can even offer a guaranteed price. Because it already has agreements in place or already has an idea of the carrier it’ll go with for your shipment.

Understanding The Factors

The price of shipping a car can vary unpredictably, and that causes a lot of confusion. Any kind of relocation service has many factors that affect the price, which makes it similar. But there are also many other factors involved in auto transport.

The size of your car and how far it needs to be transported are the obvious factors, but that’s just the beginning. Depending on your car’s make, model, and condition, prices can go up or down. Obviously, a sports car or collectible will need extra insurance. And you might even opt for an enclosed trailer which costs more.

On top of that, the route, region, and even the season can make the prices fluctuate as well. Shipping to and from rural areas tends to cost more than cities because of accessibility. And anything that affects the route, like road closures or traffic jams also influences the price, especially if it adds to the total distance. And because the demand for auto transport heats up in the summer, the prices are generally higher in those months.

Why Size Matters

When you put it all together, many things make auto transport cheaper or more expensive. But size is the factor that plays a vital role in the price simply because it ultimately affects some of the other elements.

Smaller cars are cheaper and much less complicated to transport. That’s why it doesn’t usually need extra insurance. And you can settle for the more affordable open trailer transport. Unless, of course, it’s a classic or vintage collectible.

Bigger cars are more expensive because they take up more space. And that requires a few more considerations as well. A bigger car means a heavier payload, and even though standard trailers can handle SUVs, it still affects carriers in other ways. Heavier loads mean more fuel. And larger trailers won’t be able to go through specific routes, which adds another challenge.

Size is the factor that plays a vital role in the price simply because it ultimately affects some of the other elements.

Calculating The Costs

Once everything has been factored in, you’re looking at costs that can range anywhere from $550 to $1,590. And that’s just a conservative estimate considering the most fundamental factor of car size.

To ship a sedan less than 500 miles, it’ll cost around $550. And that’s just for an open trailer transport with a family car. You’ll need to add close to $100 to ship an SUV, then add another $70 or so for a heavy-duty truck like a Ford F150 or a Dodge Ram.

When shipping coast-to-coast, the prices go up exponentially, and so does the time frame. So shipping a car from New York to Los Angeles, which is more than 2,500 miles apart, will cost you upwards of $1,200 for a small car. Shipping an SUV will cost about $200 more, and a heavy-duty truck will probably cost more than $1,500.

Again, these prices are pretty conservative, and there are many other things to consider as well. So it’s best to get quotes from different auto transport companies, at least two or three. That way, you have more options to pick from a company that’ll best suit your needs and budget.

Luckily, you won’t have to stress finding the best auto transport because can help you in that area. It has ranked list to the top auto transport companies all over the country. You can also get easy quotes from the top-rated auto transport in your area.

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